Oyster Mushroom Chips
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Oyster Mushroom Chips


Vitahouse® Oyster Mushroom Chips are made from whole oyster mushrooms that are harvested at its peak of nutrition. Our mushrooms are dried and then lightly seasoned to perfection. Experience an umami bomb of flavour with Oyster Mushroom Chips!

Dried · No Trans Fat · No Artificial Colours · No Preservatives · No Pesticides
Gluten Free · Dairy Free · Soy Free · Vegan

Did you know? Oyster mushrooms share similar shades of gray and slightly curled edges as an oyster shellfish.


Data sheet

Oyster mushrooms, tapioca flour, salt, white pepper, coconut powder, palm oil, monosodium glutamate (Contains: Coconut)
70 g (2.5 oz) per Box
Store in original packaging or in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Consume immediately after opening.
Product of Taiwan

Oyster Chips Nutrition Chart

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